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Paint not 1 but 2 Roly Poly's with Artist / Designer Mary Jo Tuttle!   Purchase extra at the PineCraft booth on the Tradefloor!   

Roly Poly Santas

SKU: 364215376135191
Out of Stock
  • Misc. Supplies:

    C-Thru Ruler 6”

    Craft Glue

    Chalk Pencil

    Brushes:  Dynasty Black Gold Brushes

    Angle, size 1/2″

    Flat Wash, size 3/4″

    Script Liner, size 5/0

    Shader, size 4, 8, 10

    Mezzaluna, size Small; Medium (used for drybrushing)

    Small Deerfoot or your favorite stipple brush

    Maxine Thomas Mops

    Size ½”; 3/8”

    Misc. Brushes

    Filbert Comb (or Rake) size ¼” ( I use an old Loew-Cornell one I’ve had for years that still work well)

  • Friday

    April 28th

    8:00am to Noon

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