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With this charming nautical piece, you'll be using both acrylics and colored pencils on watercolor paper and the wood frame. The acrylics are used for the background colors and the final details, and the colored pencils are used for shading and some of the lining. There are a few added touches with the banner, beads, buttons, and rhinestones.


Erika has been combining acrylics and colored pencils since 2001. She enjoys living in the Pacific NW with her hubby and the inspiration found all around her. 

Ahoy There!

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Out of Stock
    • Basic Painting Supplies
    • Prismacolor Colored Pencils - PC935 Black , PC903 True Blue and PC1101 Denim Blue  (I will have some available in class for purchase)
    • Jo Sonja’s Sure Touch Brushes - 1318-Size 3/4” Oval Wash, 1327-Size 5 Choice Detailer, 4010-Size 3 Select Round, 1365-Size 18/0 Script Liner
    • Stylus - 1/16" size ball tip (for adding dots & some painted detail)
    • Sharpener
    • Eraser
    • Soft Dusting Brush
    • Splatter Brush
    All the rest will be provided in class (prepped surfaces, JoSonja Paints & Mediums, beads, twine, decorative nails, buttons, rhinestones, glue, complete Pattern Packet) 
    * Plus prizes and a special gift from the Pacific NW!
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